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Monday, October 11, 2010

Philadelphia School Partnership Launches

Kansas City Star

Organization Pledges to Raise $100 Million to Support High Performing Charter, District and Parochial Schools in Philadelphia
Today marks the official launch of the Philadelphia School Partnership-- a collaboration of business leaders, foundations, city leaders and educators from the School District of Philadelphia, public charter and parochial schools. The goal of the Philadelphia School Partnership is to make Philadelphia the highest performing city in the country in terms of educational achievement by 2015. The Philadelphia School Partnership will do this by increasing the pace of education reform in Philadelphia and by financially supporting great schools that can serve additional students within the charter, District and parochial school systems.

The Philadelphia School Partnership has established a five-year goal to raise $100 million and to strategically invest the funds in initiatives that will directly increase student performance across Philadelphia. To date, the Philadelphia School Partnership board and anonymous donors have seeded this fund with $16 million.

"The Philadelphia School Partnership speaks, acts and stands for quality education for the children of Philadelphia, wherever they attend school,” said Mike O’Neill, Chair of the Philadelphia School Partnership Board of Directors. “This organization is a public recognition that we share more educational goals than differences and that now, more than ever, Philadelphia has to pull together to support this common agenda.”

Central to the Philadelphia School Partnership’s approach is working with innovators from the three major schools systems in the City: public charter, District and parochial. The organization will invest in high performing schools that agree to be held accountable for achieving outstanding levels of academic achievement for the students they serve. The organization will monitor school performance and will continue to work only with schools that achieve the highest levels of student achievement.

The Philadelphia School Partnership has the support of city and state leadership, including Mayor Michael A. Nutter who commented on the impact of the organization.

“The Philadelphia School Partnership can be a powerful and inclusive new force in the city with the ability to create tremendous positive change for the children in all of our schools,” he said. “We support their focus on creating quality seats and on activating parents as the primary advocates for their children.”

A launch event will occur today at 10 am at the National Constitution Center. Remarks will be provided by Mike O’Neill, Nick Torres; Executive Director of the Philadelphia School Partnership, Representative Dwight Evans, State Senator Anthony H. Williams and Lori Shorr; Chief Education Officer from the Mayor’s Office of Education. More than 200 top education, government, business and philanthropic stakeholders are expected to attend the announcement.

Philadelphia School Partnership

The Philadelphia School Partnership is a collaboration of business leaders, foundations, city and state leaders and educators from public charter, District and parochial schools. The organization works to ensure that every child in Philadelphia attends a great school and graduates from high school prepared for college or the work world.

The goal of the Philadelphia School Partnership is to make Philadelphia the highest performing city in the country in terms of educational achievement by 2015. To get there, the organization leverages philanthropic giving to serve as a catalyst to increase student achievement in schools across Philadelphia.

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